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Who I Am

First and foremost I am a daily mamma warrior to my two wonderful boys! I am also a passionate student of the healing Arts and an artist at heart. As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and certified yoga teacher I believe in the bodies own inherent ability to heal. I strive to be a catalyst of change and growth to empower people to take charge of their own health. I bring over fifteen years of experience in the Health and Wellness field to my practise. After undergraduate studies at Mount Royal and The University of Calgary, I studied Chinese Medicine in Victoria at The Canadian College of TCM. We were lucky to have studied under some of the most sought after experts in the field. Over the years my passion for the healing arts has only deepened and I have continued my studies within TCM. I have done extensive continuing education courses in TCM for fertility, Menopause, Postpardum care and general women’s health. Herbology and Acupuncture for the treatment of digestive conditions. I have pursued deep study in regards to Autoimmunity and Allergy, Asthma and Eczema. Facial Acupuncture and TCM for beauty. I have been all over the world to expand my toolbox, from India to study Yoga, Yoga therapy and meditation to Germany to study in the world of Vibrational Medicine. I finished many courses with Devi Nambidripad and the NAET allergy treatment. In addition to Holistic Nutrition, MORA/elecrtodermal testing/therapy, Yoga teacher training and therapy, Qi Gong, Primordial sound meditation, Buddhism and buddhist meditation, Bodytalk.

This is my life’s work, my thirst for knowledge within this field runs deep and the learning will never end. Beyond all this, my biggest teacher has been my own healing path as well as that of my patients who I learn from daily.

What I Do

My practise is primarily focused on Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and lifestyle modification. I also incorporate my years of training in Yoga and Meditation into my sessions and programs for people when required. My main areas of focus are Women’s health (Fertility, PMS, Menopause), Autoimmune disorders, Allergy and Asthma, Skin conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis).

What I Believe

I am a strong believer in the bodies inherent ability to heal. My life path has been guided by chronic health problems since childhood, I know viscerally the challenge of living with chronic illness. I have been blessed with these issues as they have led me on a path of self discovery I am not sure I would have been on, to the depth that I have, without. I have a history of Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, Arthritis and Alopecia Universalis (hair loss over the entire body). It became very clear to me at a young age I would find no help through modern medicine and this is true to this day. It has helped me periodically to mask symptoms so I could come up for some much needed air and for that I am grateful. As for long term deep healing it is Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy/Functional Medicine that has offered me answers. I believe so many chronic illnesses can be helped through these modalities. I feel inspired when I think of the relief I can help bring to people. This path is not easy and takes work on the part of the patient, its not just popping pills and often includes drastic changes in lifestyle. I believe this is the biggest gift of illness, connection with your true self and residing within your body as it desires. If you listen, your body/mind has answers.

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